Hungarian gastronomy

Hungarian cuisine and dishes have their very own uniqueness. 
Visitors can acquaint themselves as they partake in this exotic taste adventure.

We offer you three different programs available in the heart of Budapest at a premiere restaurant. Our guide will take you to the restaurant within a short walk. You will receive detailed information about the sights you are walking past and about the traditions of Hungarian cuisine. The program can also be the final event of another programs that you have booked with us.

Cost (2 hours):  80.- EUR - regardless of the number of participants .


An introduction to Hungarian cuisine begins with a slide-show acquainting us with the specialties/Hungarian dishes including a variety of wines and "palinkas"(brandys).

We'll enjoy a sampling of local specialities of cold appetizers:

- 4 (four) types of salami/sausages

- 3 (three) types of pickled vegetables
- 2 (two) types of pepper pastes - "Piros Arany" (Red Gold) & "Erős Pista" (Hot Steve)
- 4 (four) types of cheese and cracklings'
- Strudel and "Túró Rudi" (a special chocolate dipped curd bar)
- 3 (three) types of honey
- 2 (two) types of bread
- 2 (two) types of wine
- 3 (three) types of homemade fruit syrup

Upon request, the food and beverage sampling can be expanded to include additional samplings (ex. warm dishes like Goulash soup)

Cost: EUR 29.- / person

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A playful presentation of Hungarian wines! At the beginning of the program there will be a general presentation of wines that will be helpful at the casino table!

During the wine tasting, the storytelling allows one to easily guess the wine region and/or wine type. You'll be able to place your casino chips on the table according to your guess!

Specialties like "pogácsa" (Hungarian scones)  or other delicacies (cheese, sausage) will be served during the wine tasting.
After sampling between 5 - 9 wines, the winner with the most correct guesses will be chosen and awarded a "Wine Diploma".
Participation of 4 (or more) pax is recommended. The program can be adjusted to accommodate your request (ex. amount of wine types/characters to be served)

Cost: EURO 49.- per person (Incl: Standard program with 5 (five) types of wine tasting)

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A game consisting of numerous questions/puzzles, pertaining to the world of Hungarian gastronomy, catering and agriculture.

- Answer the logical questions from the presented information.
- Enjoy a Taste Test of Hungarian mineral water and wine varieties, blindfolded!
- Test your Skill - a game of "Csalikancsó" (Tricky-Jug  -  locate the hole where the wine comes out from)

Participation of 4 (or more) pax is recommended.

Cost: EURO 19.- per person

You can see more photos on the following link:

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