Tours in Hungary

All these tours are by vehicle, notes to the prices:

Category I. : normal, middle category cars (2 P). Comfortable, air conditioning.
Category II. : luxury cars (Mercedes, 2-3 P) and microbuses (up to 6 P). Comfortable, air conditioning.
Category III. : minibuses (8- 20 P). Comfortable, AC.

"In the footsteps of Sissi" 
Excursion to Gödöllő
- 5 hours (1/20 people, only by vehicle),
Price: Cat. I.:  260.- €; Cat. II.: 290.- €; Cat. III.: 310.- € ; Cat. IV.:  350.- €

"Baroque experiences and Hungarian equestrian traditions"

The small town of Gödöllő is about 30 km-s north-east of Budapest. This excursion consists of two parts:
1. First you will visit the famous 'Sissi Castle' (Gödöllő). Sissi was the wife of the emperor Franz Joseph I. 
2. After the castle we transfer to the Lázár Equestrian Park to enjoy a horse show with Lippizaners, horse carriage drive and a small zoo displaying Hungarian domestic animals.) This programme includes a traditional Hungarian style lunch with wine and gypsy music.

Excursion to the Danube Bend duration 6 hours, ( 1/20 people, only by vehicle)
Price: Cat. I.: 335.- €; Cat. II.: 380.- €; Cat. III.: 455.- € 

This tour includes three towns in the Danube Bend. Our route first leads to the former capital of Hungary, today's Archbishopric Esztergom where we visit the largest cathedral in Hungary with crypt and treasury. Followed a trip to Visegrád castle, and enjoy the spectacular view of the Danube Bend from above. The exemplary restored ruins of the stronghold and the castle tell us the history of the Hungarian Middle Ages. An optional lunch can also be scheduled in Visegrád, for example in the 'Rennessaince' restaurant. We make the last stop in the small baroque town of Szentendre. The small town with its Serbian Orthodox churches, art's gallerys and charming museums are must have seen places. The most visited museums: Margit Kovács ceramics collection; Marzipan Museum.

Excursion to the Hungarian Puszta  6 hours, 200 km, only by vehicle, 1/20 P.
Price: Cat. I.: 370.- €;  Cat. II.: 415.- €; Cat. III.: 495.- €

(Kecskemét - city tour, horse show and lunch with wine in a farmstead)

This excursion is very popular among our guests because it also offers a lot: real Hungarian romance in the Great Plain, the experience of old horse breeding traditions, a presentation of Hungarian horsemanship, folk music and special Hungarian food and drinks ... Although we experience a program organized for tourists, everything is authentic: the horse herders (Hungarian 'Csikós') wear their traditional clothes, show their skills in riding as they did centuries ago; the gypsies play original Hungarian folk songs,and you get typical Hungarian dishes and drinks on the table ... First we drive to Kecskemét to visit a local farmstead. At the Varga Farm we are greeted with barackpálinka (apricot schnapps) and pogatschen (savory biscuits). Then there is a carriage ride into the area, a riding demonstration (about three quarters of an hour) and a good, sumptuous, three-course lunch with an unlimited amountsof wine. As part of the riding demonstration, we experience the famous "Puszta-ten". The Puszta-ten (at the begining "Puszta-Five") is the most dramatic and spectacular part of the horsemen's show. The idea came from Austrian painter Ludwig Koch who painted an imaginary picture about five horses and a horseman standing on the last two of them, driving them forwards. This was a challenge to Hungarian horsemen who saw the painting, tried to imitate it and thus invented a tradition.
The Csikós horseman then show us the art of whip-cracking with the 2-2.5 m long Puszta-whip.

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